I Love Vikki Vi - A Message from our CEO


Over the 25 years that I've had the pleasure of selling Vikki Vi Clothing, I have spoken to countless women about their love of Vikki Vi.  There is magic around this product.  Whether it's in the fabric, the fit, or the way it makes you feel - Vikki Vi has a massive following.  I can't tell you the many conversations I've had with women who tell me they own over 100 pieces of Vikki Vi and still love and wear each one.  I love having these conversations with my customers because Vikki Vi has brought magic to my life as well.  

It all started back in the 90's when Nordstrom created the Encore department.  I was a women's clothing manager and had the opportunity to take on the responsibility of Encore.  Soon after we received our first collection in black, the craze began.  The wonder and excitement created around this special product was amazing.  I communicated to the buyers how much the customers loved this product and encouraged them to carry it all the time.  The love affair had begun and is still going strong today.  

I had a vision way back then that Vikki Vi would be an important part of my life.  I couldn't imagine how at that time, but I just knew.  When my second child Juliet was born in 2001, I felt that I couldn't go back to the corporate world to work for Nordstrom again.  I took the opportunity with the dawning of ECommerce to start a small website called Plus by Design.  I started my business with $5000 in inventory in six colors of slinky that I housed in our garage.  I worked from home and was able to care for my new baby.  I did everything in the beginning from taking customer calls on my cell phone to chasing the UPS guy around town every afternoon.  The growth of the business was immediate.  

In 2007, the company that created Vikki Vi declared bankruptcy.  Nordstrom had decided to discontinue the product.  My business was still growing online so we decided to buy the label and keep going.  I loved my business and just couldn't imagine disappointing my customers.  10 years later we are back in Nordstrom online with Black Classics and Plus by Design is still growing.

I am always so grateful to the amazing support of all my Vikki Vi fans.  The love you show toward this amazing product has kept it going through many ups and downs.  I also have an amazing staff.  Allegra is our buyer/photographer/model and has been with us for over 10 years.  Leslie handles customer service and logistics.   Lydia is our beautiful model and the face of Vikki Vi for many years.  Monica is another beautiful model and an amazing stylist.  Our product is made in New York City with Roger handling the manufacturing and Burt supplying our high quality slinky fabric.  We've recently welcomed our fabulous blogger Jen Anderson.  I am so blessed to work with these outstanding individuals and own this amazing company.  

Well, that's my love story.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.  I would just love it if you would tell your own Vikki Vi story.  Comments are open and we look so forward to hearing from you!  

All my best,

Danielle Z. Malconian

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The Reasons Why Women Love Vikki Vi


Vikki Vi plus size clothing is a true favorite of professional women all over the world.  The secret behind the elegance of Vikki Vi® Classics is the high-quality knit fabric. Classic Vikki Vi is made from our 14 ounce traditional knit blend of 94% acetate and 6% spandex. This creates easy silhouettes that flatter your curves. Less expensive brands use lighter weight fabric that tends to cling rather than drape. Our most popular black fabric is yarn-dyed and treated to create a sueded look. This process also guarantees the color from season to season. Along with this very popular fabric, we also offer different seasonal fabric blends to add fashion variation. One of the best things about our classic fabric is – No more dry cleaning! Most everything we produce is washable.

Our customers love to brag about how many pieces of Vikki Vi they own.  They return time and time again for a new color, print or style to add to their existing wardrobe.  Vikki Vi packs without wrinkling and looks fabulous all day long.  Start with Vikki Vi Black Classics.   Use coupon code VIKKIVI10 for 10% off your purchase. See if you love Vikki Vi and let us know!

Now check out what our wonderful customers have to say ~

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I wear nothing but Vikki Vi for work


I wear nothing but Vikki Vi for work. Some are a decade old and still as fashionable and fresh as when I first purchased them. Thank you for continuing to expand the range of items suitable for women who work in a setting that demands professional, yet modern, clothing. I'll continue to visit the website, hoping to catch a sale on something I need. If there's no sale and I need it, I'll buy it!

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I was so pleased...


I was so pleased with the outfit below.  I bought the long sleeveless dress and had it shortened.  

Spent the weekend in NY celebrating my grandson's bar mitzvah and wore Vikki V outfits the entire time.  Friday night - currant vest, top and skirt.  Saturday morning shortened the long sleeve black jersey dress and wore the URU Blue Jacket over it.  Saturday night wore the outfit below.  Sunday, black pants and v neck black jersey top with Parsley and Sage Lilly Vest.

I never went into a store.  Just sat at my desk and poured over your website.  

 Thank you,


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My Favorite Piece Ever


This is the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever owned. The print is sublime and it feels like a dream on, like wearing whipped cream. The shark bite style is by far my favorite and hope that more prints are added.

Customer Linda Lee

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Best on the Market


I have been wearing your Vikki Vi clothing line for years. I like the style, quality and look ! Your line of clothing is among the BEST on the market ! I will continue to buy your clothing and tell others about it ! I am one happy customer !!

Denise - Retired Teacher

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Loving Maui Pink


A fresh bright color for summer in this lighter weight fabric is selling like crazy!  We did the color in one of our favorite styles - the Swing Cardigan.   Wear this style for casual, work or special occasion.  Vikki Vi is the answer to solving your wardrobe crisis.  Keep reading to find out why!

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