The Reasons Why Women Love Vikki Vi

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The Reasons Why Women Love Vikki Vi

Vikki Vi plus size clothing is a true favorite of professional women all over the world.  The secret behind the elegance of Vikki Vi® Classics is the high-quality knit fabric. Classic Vikki Vi is made from our 14 ounce traditional knit blend of 94% acetate and 6% spandex. This creates easy silhouettes that flatter your curves. Less expensive brands use lighter weight fabric that tends to cling rather than drape. Our most popular black fabric is yarn-dyed and treated to create a sueded look. This process also guarantees the color from season to season. Along with this very popular fabric, we also offer different seasonal fabric blends to add fashion variation. One of the best things about our classic fabric is – No more dry cleaning! Most everything we produce is washable.

Our customers love to brag about how many pieces of Vikki Vi they own.  They return time and time again for a new color, print or style to add to their existing wardrobe.  Vikki Vi packs without wrinkling and looks fabulous all day long.  Start with Vikki Vi Black Classics.   Use coupon code VIKKIVI10 for 10% off your purchase. See if you love Vikki Vi and let us know!

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I have avoided dresses at all cost, never have looked good in them.Well to my surprise I bought the Navy 3/4 length dress with the daisy topper.I can’t begin to tell you how that made me feel.It feels good, looks classy and I absolutely love this. I am wearing it my son’s rehearsal dinner and for once in my life I feel more than good enough, never have I felt good enough. I’m now working on my 2nd.outfit.I purchased the long straight skirt with the long black kimono jackst,just have to polish that,then I will shopping for more for sure.Might need a little help with that. I would just like to thank-you for making me feel great, especially on the inside.For what its2worth I am 62 yrs. old and I have never known how that feels.

—Tonia watson ,

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