Why Vikki Vi is Worth the Investment

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Why Vikki Vi is Worth the Investment

If you're new to Vikki Vi Classics, you may be taken aback by the prices. We get it. Certain plus size retailers charge big bucks for clothes that fall apart during their second washing. You can get clothes that last longer than that for a lot less money. Why buy $80 pants when you'll get as much (or more) wear from $40 pants? When you look at it that way, of course $100 can seem an outrageous price for a pair of pants. 

plus size workwearAnd yet, Vikki Vi Pull On Pants cost $98. Let's look at why they're more than worth that much.

Cost Per Wear

Those $80 pants that disintegrated in the washing machine after 2 wearings cost you $40 per wear. No wonder you're wary. If they do last 6 months and you wear them once a week, it comes to $3 per wear. The $40 pants that you wear once a week for six months cost $1.50 per wear. Much better. How do Vikki Vi's pants compare? We have customers who are still wearing the same Vikki Vi pants they bought 20 years ago. I don't mean that they order the same black pants year after year. I'm saying that someone bought pants in 1999, has been wearing them and washing them once a week for 20 years - and they still look nice.

high quality stitchingLet's be conservative and say you'll keep a pair of Vikki Vi pants for 10 years, wearing them twice a month. That comes to 40 cents per wear. In the long term, well made clothes are worth the investment.

But Why?

Let's start with the fabric. The finely ribbed stretch knit material we use for the Classic Collections is heavier than other fabrics, which means it drapes more nicely. Acetate and Spandex take dye differently, which give the fabric a sueded look. The black material is dyed twice, which adds even more depth and complexity. This means the fabric looks more expensive and luxurious than others. And the drape means it won't cling to your curves, so you'll be more comfortable and get a smoother look.

high quality stitchingThe Jersey and Bamboo we use are similarly luxe. High quality fabric like this is not cheap. But it doesn't stop there.

We use high quality stitching so that the seams will hold up as long as the material. (Seriously, turn your clothes inside out and take a close look at the seams. Once you see the difference between decent and great stitching, you'll be a great big seam snob like I am.)

Why Does Quality Cost So Much More?

Part of it is materials. The heavier a fabric is, the more acetate yarn (or whatever) is needed to make it. Quality stitching means more thread is used. Since we use a garment factory in the USA, wages are a lot higher than the 10 cents a day horror stories we hear about in some other countries. In addition to the garment workers who cut the fabric and sew it into clothes, there's a team thoroughly checking each and every finished piece for quality. 

A lot goes into well made clothing. I can't vouch for every $98 pair of pants out there - some of them may cost only $10 to manufacture, but that's not our style.

How Can You Tell A Piece of Clothing Is Worth It?

Look at the seams and how the fabric hangs. Read customer reviews. It's that easy. Once you start paying attention to these things, you develop an instinct for it.

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I bought a very nice simple black panta ans top it lasted about 10 years before it disintegrated.


Vikki Vi, I never leave home without it!. I have pieces from when Danielle first started
Offering this wonderful product. A day does not go by that I don’t receive compliments on my beautiful VIKKI VI !!!


I am still wearing the long classic black skirt and shell top I got for my sons college graduation in 2005 ! I have purchased many other pieces since then of course, but these still look too good to throw away! I love my jersey black faux wrap dress as well! I ordered one in red- wear it a lot and I am ordering a black print for a gift for a special person. You can’t go wrong!❤️❤️❤️🌹

—Kristy healy,

I bought my first Vikki Vi in 2000. I’ve been hooked ever since. I have many pieces that are 10-15 years old that I still wear. These are the only clothes I’ve found that hold up and keep their style year after year. I’ve traveled for business all over the USA and I can fold up small and still looks great when I unpack it.
It’s so worth the price. I cannot say enough about this brand.


As I’ve said before….love your product…..just wish when you offer a $25 coupon on $100….it would be on $98 so we can take advantage of the classic pants!


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