Who Are You Dressing For?

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Who Are You Dressing For?

We're the ones wearing our clothes, yet we don't always think of ourselves first when putting together an outfit. Instead, we think about how we'll look. We dress to make an impression. We want to look good for our partners (or potential partners). We want to look smart and competent to our bosses, colleagues, and clients. Our clothes are on a mission.

We think of our own comfort as just a bonus - something that lets us focus on anything besides how miserable our clothes are making us.

But shouldn't our clothes make us happy?

Fictional flapper/detective Phryne Fisher once said, "a woman should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure." She was referring to silky lingerie, but it applies to all our clothes. They should feel good against our skin, and should make us smile when we look in the mirror.

Clothes should be enjoyable. Sure they have a job to do - command respect, catch someone's eye, keep you from dying of exposure - but they should also be fun to wear.

Silky Smooth

Lydia in a stone tan sleeveless shellVikki Vi Classics are reliable, but they're so much more. Our signature fabric lasts for years, but it also feels silky smooth. When you slip on a Sleeveless Shell (pictured in Stone), you'll enjoy how it feels against your skin. You'll enjoy wearing it. Sure, it's a wardrobe staple that takes a back seat to the rest of your outfit, but it also feels good to wear it. 

That's right - you can actually enjoy wearing office-appropriate clothing. It can be done.

Throw Out The Rules

Allegra in a print sheer jacketI often repeat a handful of fashion rules. They're mostly designed for comfort. Sure, it's not the most flattering look when I put a sheath dress on my pear shaped body. But the real problem is how uncomfortable I am wearing something that's too snug over my middle - or too loose over my chest. I wish for you (and myself), clothes that are shaped like we are because they just feel better.

But we can all be a bit too bound by the rules. I've denied myself the 1920s-inspired styles that watching Miss Fisher makes me covet. Especially the silk kimonos. Why? My rules say that my pear hips don't play well with jackets that don't have waist shaping. My chest and waist would be utterly lost in a gorgeous, silky kimono-inspired topper that's big enough for my hips.

But why do I care? If I'm wrapped in a colorful, silk jacket, my figure can take a back seat. Just look at the Dressori Angelina Silk Georgette Topper (pictured). The print is eye catching and doesn't make you look like a shapeless blob, even though your waist is hidden. It looks great on any body type. Silk Georgette feels wonderful against the skin and that print brings some pizzazz to any outfit. Women with any body shape should indulge.

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What a wonderful blog today. I love the roomy tops. They make you look so classic. I get so many compliments when I wear Dressori! Keep up the great blogs, Jen


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