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Packing While Plus Size - Fashion Blog

For most people, lost luggage is an expensive inconvenience. For plus size women, it's a disaster. I have plenty of sympathy for people who have to go straight from the airport to a department store to replace their misplaced clothes. But we can't even do that. 

Plus size clothing is plentiful online, but in the local mall? Not so much. And we put so much time and effort into curating our wardrobes that being separated from a suitcase can feel like we're missing a limb. 

But we don't have to risk our favorite outfits every time we travel. We can plan ahead.


woman wearing a coco ditzy patterned kimono jacket
Thanks to the TSA's liquid restrictions, carrying on all our luggage isn't always a viable option. If you can get by with only three ounces total of all your lotions and shampoos and whatnot, then you can bring everything on the plane with you. If you're like me, you'll need to check a bag with all your makeup and magic potions, but you can still bring some clothes onto the plane with you.


If you decide to check a bag, you can still carry on a small capsule wardrobe. That way, if your main suitcase goes to Cleveland you'll still have something to wear in Boston. Honestly, you may want to do this even if you bring all your luggage on the plane. There's only so much one carry-on size bag will hold.

You know the routine - mix and match separates, hang some pieces up to air out, wash others in the sink and hang up to dry (Vikki Vi Classics are great for this), and treat yourself to a new scarf while you're away and start wearing it immediately. But what pieces go into a good mini-wardrobe for travel?


woman wearing a sand maxi tank dress
I'd start with an LBD - that one versatile piece that goes with everything and looks wonderful on its own. A little black dress doesn't have to be black - it just needs to be versatile. For pear shaped women, that could mean Vikki Vi's 3/4 Sleeve A-Line Dress. For other body shapes, Vikki Vi's Sleeveless Shift Dress does the trick.


Next, you'll want a jacket. A Blazer if you're traveling for work, or a Swing Cardigan or Kimono Jacket if you're on vacation.

So that's two outfits - the dress with the jacket, and without. It's a start.

You weren't leaving home without a pair of Vikki Vi's Pull on Pants, were you? Of course not. They're too comfortable and stylish to leave behind. Add a Sleeveless Shell and that's two more outfits - with and without the jacket.


woman wearing a joan swing cardigan
Bring along a colorful topper, and that's two more outfits (with the dress and pants), bringing you to a total of six.


That's almost a week of outfits with no repeats - all from five pieces of clothing. Still not sure it'll all fit? Rely on space saving travel bags. They have a zip top like food storage bags, and one-way air valves in the bottom so you can squeeze out all the air. There are also packing cubes that squish down with a zip. After using them for years, I can attest that they don't wrinkle your clothes any more than any other method of packing.

Pack wisely and you'll start off your trip feeling like a genius - which is the really only way to fly.

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In the pre-covid days when we travelled, vikki vi was all I took and packed everything in a carry-on. Secret – black pants, sleeveless shells and printed cardigan jackets. I roll my clothes to gain space and could travel for more than a week with this packing style with never a wrinkle. Vikki Vi jersey is a real space saver.


Good tips. Picked up a new one for my February trip to Austin. Love, love, love Vikki Vi!

—Frances ,

Great ideas. Love the pack ability of Vikki Vi products. So comfortable.


I travel extensively both for work and pleasure. Vikki Vi is the way to go. I have certain winter pieces and summer pieces that are always in my carry on bag. Now, i did have a FAVORITE jogging suit that they no longer make, which i would be overjoyed if they did again. I still have it and it was from 2008. I wore it on a trip to Italy and save it for every annual European Trip. They also are perfect for two day business trips. Everything in one carry on bag!!

—Francine parker,

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