In Defense of Stretchy Black Plus Size Clothing

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In Defense of Stretchy Black Plus Size Clothing

I reply to the comments on our Facebook ads, and we get so much love. And hate. Hoo boy, do we get hate. I even have a stock response letting people know that commenting, "I don't want to see your ads," actually makes FB think you want to see more of our ads.

Some people object to bright colors and prints. Others have an issue with yet more black, stretchy clothes.

OK, so first up:

Vikki Vi Classics aren't just any stretchy black clothes.

Sure, for decades so many plus size clothing options were black and spandex. But these aren't that. With our classics, the color doesn't fade. I've had Black Classic Pull on Pants for years and they're still black. Not faded to gray, or kinda black. These babies are the same color as when I got them. Acetate holds onto dye like you wouldn't believe.

woman wearing black classic separates

Vikki Vi Classics also keep their shape as long as you treat them right. Don't put them in the dryer - they contain a little spandex. Heat and spandex are enemies. And in the name of all that is good and fashionable, don't hang them in the closet. Knit fabric stretches under its own weight. You wouldn't hang up a bulky knit sweater, right? Right? 

We use high quality stitching and every piece looks polished - even the elastic waistbands. If you're tired of having to buy new black pants every year, Vikki Vi Classics are for you. 

OK, but secondly:

Stretchy black clothes have a lot to recommend them.

Like, A LOT. And not only for when you just can't even anymore. For fit and versatility, you can't beat stretchy black clothing.

Dresses Vikki Vi Classic Black Jewel Neckline Maxi Dress


If you want to look good in your clothes, you need good fit. Those celebrities who look amazing in even a cheap t-shirt? They have stylists who tailor those t-shirts to fit them perfectly. If you have the time and skills (or the funds), you too can look fabulous in anything and everything. But I'm exhausted just thinking about it - and I'm a clothes horse!

Stretchiness means that pants can fit both your hips and your waist without tailoring. It makes slim leg pants fit your hips, thighs, and calves equally well.

Good fit isn't just about your appearance. Poorly fitting clothes need to be adjusted again and again throughout the day. You do a lot more walking, stretching, and twisting than you think you do. Clothes that stretch will move with you so you can focus on everything else. I think this is why Vikki Vi Classics are so popular among doctors, lawyers, and executives. They could afford custom made clothing, but it would still probably pull and bunch when they reach for the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.

woman wearing a black dress


Some of our customers wear all black, all the time. It's chic and always appropriate. But it also goes with just about everything. When you have some black pieces in your wardrobe, you'll never have to frantically search for that one shell that goes with the print jacket you wanted to wear today. If you don't want to buy a completely new outfit for every special occasion - you can reach for your black pants and a fabulous top.

The Little Black Dress is iconic for a reason, and you'll find a pair of black pants on every list of the garments all women should own. Whenever I have no idea what to wear, I start with black pants and go from there.

woman wearing black separates

Black + Stretchy doesn't equal frumpy.

It's easy to have a gut reaction against stretchy black clothing, since there are quite a few sub-par examples out there in the world. But Vikki Vi Classics have a style and polish that don't fade. It's the convenience and versatility of black stretch in a sophisticated package.

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