The Plus Size Guide to Stepping Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

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The Plus Size Guide to Stepping Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Years ago, I was in a plus size boutique in Brooklyn along with a mother and daughter and the fabulous owner of the boutique. The daughter and owner talked the mom into trying on a print dress. She loved how she looked and kept saying how surprised everyone was going to be when they saw her wearing a print. She was just so excited.

That's the exhilaration of stepping out of your fashion comfort zone. 

But here's the thing...

Most of her loved ones probably had no idea that she'd only been wearing solid colors for decades. People simply don't pay that much attention. I'm all about the fashion, but I couldn't describe the wardrobe of my best and dearest. If I concentrate, I can remember what some people wore to my wedding 16 years ago - but that's only because we watch the wedding video every year on our anniversary. 

woman wearing a chain print jacket

It's the overall look that people remember. People notice you. They may notice your outfit if it looks good. But that's it. 

My point isn't that Nobody Cares - sad sigh. My point is that Nobody Cares - whee!!!!

All this is to say that you can expand your fashion comfort zone as quickly or as slowly as you want to. Or not at all - I'm not the boss of you.

So let's talk about intimidating fashion things and how to embrace them.

Bold Colors

Some of us are wary of wearing colors like Emerald Green, Teal, or Hot Pink. We're afraid that we'll look like a big red blob. I once did wear something that made me look like a big red blob - it was a too-big shapeless fleece pullover. It could've been the most tasteful gray, or the chic-est black and I still would've looked like a blob. Around the same time, I also had a purple fleece pullover that was the right size and had side shaping. I never looked like a big purple blob when I wore it.

Style and fit are much more important than color. 

woman wearing iris purple jacket

If you're really intimidated by color, consider starting by trying different neutrals - Navy Blue isn't that scary, is it? No one's going to blink if you wore Charcoal Gray or Chocolate Brown. 

If you're more comfortable with color than that, consider a brighter, bolder version of your favorite color. My closet contains a lot of blue and purple because I look good in those colors. But there are so many shades of blue and purple that I never get bored - and can dress as boldy or a subtly as my mood dictates.


Prints are extremely subjective. You may not even be able to describe which types of prints you like and which you loathe. And that's OK. There's nothing wrong with figuring it out as you go along. 

Some prints are such classics that you can wear them like a neutral solid. Leopard print, dots, stripes and houndstooth all fit in this category.

woman wearing a zebra print duster jacket

Prints that only include neutral colors are pretty approachable - and you can easily mix them with neutral solids.

Those are all good starter prints. If you're already comfortable with those, then think about expanding to colorful prints.

We have a lot of different prints at the moment, with more coming soon so keep visiting New Arrivals to find something that grabs you.

Bold Jackets

Dusters can be a little scary - but they're dramatic and look good on a lot of people. If you're a little unsure but want to give them a try, start with a basic style in a color or print that you're already comfortable with. Like with colors and prints, we tend to carry a wide variety of jacket styles, so keep looking until something speaks to you. 

Try It - You Might Like It

Or not. Either way, you can go on to try other colors. prints and styles. The whole point of expanding your fashion comfort zone is to have fun with clothes. You have to wear them anyway, you might as well enjoy them.

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