The Plus Size Guide to Pants

Posted on June 13, 2018 by Jen Anderson | 2 comments

Years ago, I was in a department store dressing room when I heard a woman way down at the other end asking no one in particular why the store only had boot cut jeans. I knew why and to this day, I regret not butting in and explaining.

All pants are not created equal. Boot cut, wide leg, cropped, slim - they all have a reason for existing. And once you know what those reasons are, you'll know when to wear each kind.

Boot Cut Pants

black plus size boot cut pantsOK, so what's the deal with boot cut pants? The extra volume at the ankle visually balances wide hips. Remember the tapered jeans and stirrup pants of the 80s? I adored them. I loved wearing pants that drew attention to my sleek, tiny ankles. But in comparison, my hips looked wider than they really were. Not a great look for a pear shaped gal like me.

Boot cut pants are the opposite of that. They're especially good for pear shaped women, but all plus size women can rock this look.

Slim Leg Pants

OK, now that I've insulted leggings, let's talk about what's great about them. They're amazing for showing off apple shaped women's lovely legs. They go very well with tunics, which is also a good look for apples.

Pear shaped women may want to wear leggings with tops so long that they're practically short dresses.

Wide Leg Pants aka Palazzo Pants

This is my absolute favorite style of pants because they blatantly defy that dumb so-called rule that plus size women should always try to look as small as possible. Like boot cut pants, palazzo pants provide added volume to go with your hips. To me, wide leg pants send the message that I have a wide bottom half and I'm done hiding it.

plus size navy gaucho pantsPalazzo pants look best with a closer fitting top. Go crazy and tuck it in. If you have relatively narrow hips, palazzo pants provide some volume to balance out your top.

Crop Pants

Our petite pants are cut for women who are 5'3". If you're shorter than that (like I am), then our Crop Pants may be the perfect length for you. But crop pants aren't just for shorties.

Crop pants are better than shorts. They just are. Shorts ride up when you sit, digging into your thighs. Or they ride up while you're walking and your poor thighs rub and chafe. Crop pants keep you cool while staying below the knee, even if you're tall.

Gaucho Pants

Short like crop pants, wide like palazzo pants, gaucho pants are also called split skirts. They're great for events where a skirt might be more appropriate than pants but you don't want to wear tights or risk chafing.

Straight Leg Pants

Our relaxed and comfortable Pull On Pants fall into this category. They're the pants you picture when you hear the word, "pants." You know how to wear these pants, so enough said.

And Now You Know

It may seem like the different styles of pants exist only to annoy you, like bedazzled jeans. But we all have different bodies and different tastes, and that's what all these pants are for.

Check out our new Boot Cut Pants and Petite Boot Cut Pants - they have a pocket! 


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2 Responses

Carrie Glenn
Carrie Glenn

June 17, 2018

Just asking… there a cut that has wider KNEE cap area… seems no matter the cut. The knee are is always tighter even straight legs…

Norita Brergmann
Norita Brergmann

June 14, 2018

I disagree with only 1 thing….I am 5’4 ish and have short legs (an Irish legacy! :-) ) Boot cuts make me look shorter and wider!! Just a personal opinion….

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