Introducing Vikki ViP Rewards!

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Introducing Vikki ViP Rewards!

Every business relies on loyal customers, but Vikki Vi fans are in a class all their own. You start with a piece or two, fall in love, and keep turning to us when you need to add to your wardrobe. We keep hearing from longtime customers whose entire work wardrobe is Vikki Vi. Others wear Vikki Vi almost exclusively. 

Loyalty like that needs to be rewarded. Which is why we're launching the Vikki ViP Loyalty Rewards program.

I know you have questions and I have answers. 

How can I become a Vikki ViP?

You probably already are. If you made a purchase from Plus by Design in 2023, you have points waiting for you. If you created a Plus by Design account while checking out at some point, you're all set. If you've always checked out without creating an account, you need to create one to access your points. You can do that here-->Vikki ViP Rewards

How can I access my Vikki ViP Loyalty Rewards information?

On the bottom right of your screen (desktop and mobile) there's a purple button that says Vikki ViP. Tap or click on that to get a pop-up with your points balance along with other useful information.

How can I earn Vikki ViP points?

Shopping is the main way to earn points, but there are others.

  • Reviewing a product gets you 500 points - every time you do it.
  • Following us on Instagram will get you another 500 points. Be sure to do that by clicking on the link the in Vikki ViP pop-up.
  • Celebrating a birthday will get you a whopping 2500 points. There's a link in the Vikki ViP pop-up that will let you tell us your birth month and date. 

Are there different levels of Vikki ViPs?

Yes, there are! Thanks so much for asking. 


Spend $0 - $349 in one year

Earn 1 point per dollar you spend


Spend $350 - $1499 in one year

Earn 3 points per dollar you spend


Spend $1500 or more in one year

Earn 5 points per dollar you spend

At the beginning of the year, your Vikki ViP level is based on your purchases the year before. So if you're at Platinum level now, you'll start 2024 at Platinum level. If you spend over $1500 in 2024, then you'll be promoted to Diamond level once you cross that threshold. If you spend under $350 in 2024, you'll be moved down to Gold level at the start of 2025.

How can I redeem my Vikki ViP Loyalty Rewards points?

Once again, all you have to do is click or tap that purple button on the bottom right on your screen. That will display a pop-up that lets you redeem your points, check your balance, and more. You can redeem as few as 500 points for a coupon code. Or you can wait until you have 10,000 points.

Treat Yourself 

Sure, clothes are a necessity. But they can also be a source of joy. Sometimes a certain color or print takes your breath away. Or you love wearing a certain style so much that you want it in lots of colors and prints. (I'm not the only person who owns 7 t-shirt style dresses, right?) With Vikki ViP rewards, you'll be able to indulge yourself more often.

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