Can You Have a Minimalist Wardrobe When You're Plus Size?

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Can You Have a Minimalist Wardrobe When You're Plus Size?

We've all considered paring down our wardrobe to the bare essentials at one time or another. Actually doing it isn't for everyone, and it can be tricky to implement. When you wear plus size clothing, you're not used to having loads of options. It's easy enough to discard clothing when you know you can easily replace them if you later regret the decision. But replacing your plus size clothes takes time and money. 

Danielle in an all black outfitThat doesn't mean plus size women can't have a minimalist wardrobe. We just need to approach it from a certain angle.

Abundance vs. Deprivation

Years ago a chiropractor told me to stop eating white rice. Setting aside the fact that chiropractors aren't nutritionists, considering this possibility gave me loads of anxiety. Why? Because I immediately forgot the existence of brown rice. I could only imagine a gaping emptiness on my dinner plate.

But if he had said, "eat more brown rice," or even, "eat brown rice instead of white," I would've instantly been able to imagine making this change.

We often make the same mistake when trying to create a minimalist wardrobe for ourselves. We look into our closet and think of everything that must go. But no matter how thoughtfully you sort through your clothes, you're not going to end up with a minimalist wardrobe. 

Lydia in an all black outfitWhat a Minimalist Wardrobe Really Is

A minimalist wardrobe isn't just any ten pieces of clothing. It's ten (or however many) pieces that work together in a variety of combinations allowing you to create many outfits. You may have some pieces like that, but not enough to get dressed without the rest of your things. 

So what you need to do is identify pieces that DO belong in your minimalist wardrobe. The clothes that DON'T belong will make themselves known over time.

Can You Build a Minimalist Wardrobe with Vikki Vi?

Absolutely! Our classic collections are perfect for mixing and matching because they include timeless styles. The dye doesn't run in the wash, so the black blazer you buy today will go with the black pants you bought 10 years ago. The fabric keeps its good looks for decades. This is why several women wear nothing but Vikki Vi.

Lydia in tan and navy outfitHow to Tell if a Piece Belongs in Your Minimalist Wardrobe

It needs to be excellent quality. When you only own one or two pairs of pants, a pair that wears out in a year is going to leave you scrambling for a replacement. (Have I mentioned lately that thanks to their relaxed fit, Vikki Vi Pull On Pants don't wear out in the inner thigh?)

Some, if not most of your clothes will need to be in neutral colors. If your one pair of pants is green, your own skirt is pink, and your one long-sleeved top is yellow, you're not going to be able to mix and match (depending on the exact shade). Start by building a foundation of neutral-colored clothes and then add some other shades and prints to keep things interesting.

Take Your Time

Ease yourself into having a minimalist wardrobe. Once you have some core pieces, whenever you reach for something else ask yourself if you could wear one of the chosen few pieces instead. "Yeah, but I don't feel like it," is a completely valid option. We're not packing for a trip to the Moon. After a few months, it'll become obvious which clothes you don't really need after all.

Of course, if this entire post gives you the vapors, you have my permission to keep your wardrobe as maximalist as you want. Minimalism is voluntary.

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Ode to my closet:
Jen said I can decide…
Do I keep you precious beauty’s, or toss you aside?
Vikki Vi classics always hold me in stride
Going rogue with some clothes has been quite a ride!
It’s harder since I’m broader,
But I can be a hoarder….
What a quandary
To reduce the laundry…
I’ll consider all suggestions
But one thing is for sure
A birthday suit is out of the question!

—Diane bernard,

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